Dead People at Work

Monday, November 1, 2010

I always found it curious that a dead 25-year-old rapper, Tupac Shakur, released so many albums after he passed away. It seemed like every year after he died there was a new product (album) or a new honour in his name. I finally checked on Wikipedia to see if I was exaggerating these things in my mind or not. Looks like I was not. Six albums when he was alive, eight since he died (one is a collaboration album -- nothing like working with a corpse, is there?). On top of that, since he died, Shakur has been in 14 documentaries and five feature movies, and a movie based on his screenplay is scheduled to come out some time in the future. He's been a very busy deadman.

I looked up some other profitable dead people and found out that, last year, Elvis Presley made $55 million, and Yves Saint Laurent topped the dead celebrity earnings list with $443 million after an auction of his possessions. And Marilyn Monroe just released a new book (I guess) called Fragments, so it's not like she's just lying around doing nothing.

And then there's Michael Jackson. Dead for only a year and a bit, Jackson is working harder then ever. In November, a box set, Michael Jackson's Vision will be released -- it will include three DVDs featuring 40 remastered videos, including 10 previously unavailable ones on DVD, plus the debut release of a clip for the hit single One More Chance. This is on top of an album of previously unheard tracks also coming out next month, which is actually the first (!) in a 10-album deal (over the next seven years). Add to that some videogames, a circus show and a new museum being built in his honour, and we’re probably witnessing only the beginning of a promising, blossoming afterlife career.


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