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Working With Seniors


I am in my mid-fifties and want to leave my medical administration position for a position that is less demanding. I wouldn't mind working as an admin assistant in the social services or nonprofit sector but I don't want any more medical admin assistant jobs (too stressful). I am open to working in the healthcare field in some other position or working with seniors. I can't afford to go back to school full-time but I am open to short-term retraining. Do you have any suggestions?

Becoming a Technical Writer


I've been working for the government for the past five years and really think I need another career. I've written some reports and done some technical writing over the past while and quite like it. Do you know anything about technical writing and I how I could start out in this field?

Internationally Educated Sales Manager


I am a sales manager from India who is in the process of immigrating to Canada. I have an MBA and I am considering doing an online certificate course in sales and marketing from the Canadian Virtual University. Would taking such a course enhance my job prospects in the Canadian (Toronto) market?

How to Look for Work When You're Working


I've been doing the "same old, same old" for too long in my job and I don't see any chance to grow. I want to quit but I can't because my husband is out of work. Do you have any advice on how I can look for work when I'm still working?

Looking for a Career as a Junior Web Developer


I've completed recently completed an IT program and am looking for a job as a junior web developer. What should I do to find a position?

Becoming a Family Mediator


I am an internationally trained lawyer with a law degree planning to immigrate to the Toronto area later this year. I am very interested in pursuing a career as a family mediator. Do you have any advice for me?

Looking for Child Care in Toronto


I am working at a job I love but have just found out I'm pregnant! After my maternity leave is finished I plan to go back to work as soon as possible. I'm only three months along but I want to make sure I find good child care. Do you have any suggestions?

Newcomer Looking for IT Job


I am in the process of immigrating to Canada. I am working as an IT manager and would like to know how to find a job in my field when I come to Toronto.

Internationally Trained Engineer


I am an engineer in the process of immigrating to Canada. I am planning to settle down in the Toronto area. What should I do in terms of finding an engineering job when I get there?


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